sâmbătă, 2 mai 2015

Justice For Muffin! Found On The Streets With A Rope Embedded In Her Neck!

Justice For Muffin! Found On The Streets With A Rope Embedded In Her Neck! 

A cat has been found with a rope tied around her neck in Hollywood in the vicinity of Highway 411 and Garfield. Undercats4Life, a feline advocacy organization responded to that call and managed to trap the cat, now dubbed Muffin. Muffin is currently at the Pet Doctor in Davie, where the staff worked to remove the rope that was embedded in her neck. The people that hear about Muffin's story are terrified and wand the monster responsible for this ordeal to be caught and punished. A reward is offered to anyone that can provide information regarding this case. For now, Muffin will remain at the vet until her condition improves enough for her to be placed in a home. She is expected to make full recovery but doctors say it will take a little longer. Together we can help Muffin get justice! Her wounds will heal but the scar will remain and that is why we must share her story and see that her abuser gets a severe punishment! Sign the petition and urge the authorities to star an investigation and see that Muffin's abuser gets severely punished for his acts of cruelty! Petition by PetitionHub.org -> Sign the Petition on: http://www.petitionhub.org/Justice-For-Muffin-Found-On-The-Streets-With-A-Rope-Embedded-In-Her-Neck-t-1199

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