miercuri, 5 noiembrie 2014

Petition | End the Dog Meat Trade | Soi Dog Foundation

No animal should suffer like this.
Sign & Save Thousands Of Dogs
Every year, tens of thousands of dogs are snatched from streets and backyards in Thailand and tossed into cramped, filthy cages. With no food or water and barely enough room to move, many will suffocate, be crushed to death, or die from exposure. Shockingly, their torture has only just begun. These dogs are on their way to China or Vietnam, where many will be skinned alive or thrown straight into a vat of boiling water, and then butchered for meat. Will you sign Soi Dog's petition to Thailand's leaders and help save thousands of dogs from a slow and agonizing death? With celebrities like Ricky Gervais and Judi Dench spreading the word over 500,000 people have already added their name to this petition -- and we've had some great coverage in international press. The good news is that it looks like it's all working. Soi Dog learned in recent high level meetings that Thai Government officials are strongly opposed to the dog meat trade and are concerned about the country's international reputation. Sign the petition now to let them know the world is still watching and we want to see every effort made to put a stop to this cruelty.

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