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Frank Bramley (6 mai 1857 – 9 august 1915), pictor post-impresionist englez

Frank Bramley - For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven 
Frank Bramley - The Grasmere Rushbearing
Frank Bramley - Every One his own Tale 1885
Frank Bramley - A Hopeless Dawn
Frank Bramley - Domino!
Frank Bramley - Fireside Tales
Frank Bramley - Helen Chalmers And Her Mother
Frank Bramley - Arranging Flowers
Frank Bramley - Primrose Day
Frank Bramley - Confidences
Frank Bramley - Portrait of Ethel Grace Bolitho, nee Macleod
Frank Bramley - Simplicita
Frank Bramley - Study of a Fishergirl

Frank Bramley - Portrait of a young breton woman

 Frank Bramley - Henry John Roby 
Frank Bramley - Portrait of the British Ironmaster Isaac Lowthian Bell

Frank Bramley - Winter
Frank Bramley - Weaving Nets
Frank Bramley - The Pink Nightshirt
Frank Bramley - Neapolitan Fisher Boy
Frank Bramley - Eyes And No Eyes
Frank Bramley - A Venetian Market Girl
Frank Bramley - By the Fireside
Frank Bramley - A Truce
Frank Bramley - Borgerhout Anvers
Frank Bramley - Among the Roses
Frank Bramley - Delicious Solitude 1909
Frank Bramley - Flower study
Frank Bramley - Friends (also known as The Artist's Wife Katherine And Her Dog)
Frank Bramley - Self-Portrait 

Frank Bramley - Self-Portrait 
Frank Bramley RA (6 mai 1857 – 9 august 1915) a fost un pictor post-impresionist englez de compozitie al scolii Newlyn School.
Bramley s-a nascut in Sibsey,  din Lincolnshire.
Intre 1873 si 1878 Bramley a studiat la Lincoln School of Art. Din 1879 pana in 1882 a studiat la Royal Academy of Fine Arts  unde l-a avut profesor pe Charles Verlat. A locuit in Venetia din 1882 pana in 1884 apoi s-a mutat la Newlyn, Cornwall.
 Intorcandu-se in Anglia din Venetia in sau dupa 1884, Bramley s-a stabilit in colonia de artisti Newlyn School de pe Rue des Beaux Arts din Newlyn.Alaturi de Walter Langley si Stanhope Forbes, a fost considerat a fi una dintre "figurile de frunte" de la Newlyn School.
Bramley s-a casatorit cu artista Katherine Graham, fiica lui John Graham din Huntingstile, Grasmere, Westmoreland, in 1891. Intre   1893 si 1897,  cei doi soti au locuit la Orchard Cottage, care in acea perioada se numea Belle Vue Cottage. In 1895 s-au mutat la Droitwich in West Midlands.Au locuit la Bellue Vue House in 1889, iar in 1900 s-au stabilit la Grasmere in Lake District.
Bramley a murit in Chalford Hill, Gloucestershire in august 1915.

Frank Bramley (6 mai 1857 – 9 august 1915), pictor post-impresionist englez

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