vineri, 13 iulie 2012

Flori de nalba in pictura, Hollyhocks Gardens in painting

Arthur Hacker - The Drone

Abbott Fuller Graves - The Hedge

Abbott Fuller Graves - Woman with Flower Basket

Abbott Fuller Graves - Young Girl with Kittens and Flowers

Berthe Morisot - Child in the Rose Garden

Berthe Morisot - Roses Trémières

Charles Courtney Curran - Among the Hollyhocks

Charles Courtney Curran - Betty Newell

Charles Courtney Curran - Green Lattice

Charles Hunt - Charles Hunt Behind the Hollyhocks

Childe Hassam - Hollyhocks, Isle of Shoals

Childe Hassam - Isles of Shoals Garden, Appledore

Claude Monet - The Garden, Hollyhocks

Colin Campbell Cooper - Hollyhocks

Childe Hassam - Celia Thaxter's Garden, Appledore, Isles of Shoals

Daniel Ridgway Knight - A Pensive Moment

Eastman Johnson - Catching the Bee

Eastman Johnson - Hollyhocks

Edmund Blair Leighton - Lady in a Garden

Fedot Sychkov - Children in Malwa. 1937

Frederick C. Frieseke - Hollyhocks

Frederick Carl Frieseke - Hollyhocks

George Hitchcock - Holland - Field of Flowers

Grace Hall Hemingway - Hollyhocks

Grant MacDonald - Summer in Santa Fe

Guy Orlando Rose - The Blue Kimono

Helen Allingham - A Cottage Gate, West Horsley, Surrey

Helen Allingham - In the Garden

Hellen Allingham -

Ipolit Strambu - Flori de nalba

James Hafen - Girl Among the Hollyhocks

Jane Peterson - Hollyhocks

John Henry Twachtman - Hollyhocks

John Ottis Adams - Hollyhocks and Poppies

John Ottis Adams - Little Girl With Hollyhocks

John Ottis Adams - Hollyhocks and Poppies

John Singer Sargent - Corner of a Garden

John Singer Sargent - Hollyhocks, Isle of Shoals

John Singer Sargent - Hollyhocks

Joseph Hughes Clayton - Cemaes bay

Kathy Fincher

Konstantin Alexeevich Korovin - Malwas in Saratov's guberniya

Konstantin Makovsky - Girl with a yoke, 1874

Konstantin Makovsky - Peasant Children at rest

Laura Knight - Marshmallows

Laura Ladd -

Lilla Cabot Perry - Child in a Garden, Giverny

Mariano Fortuny - Flowers

Max Pechstein - The Edge of the Garden

Patrick Antonelle - Roses & Hollyhocks

Percy Robertson - Hollyhocks

Philip Leslie Hale - Hollyhocks

Pivtorak Sergei Nikolaevich -.

Pivtorak Sergey Nikolaevich -

Robert Reid Lewis - Tending the Garden

Robert Reid Lewis - Young Woman in Pink

Stephanie Birdsall - Annabelle's hammock

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